Saturday, May 9, 2009

Copy Roubo

Ich hatte das große Glück, ein altes Portfolio von Roubo zu ersteigern.
Um das alte, brüchige Papier des Originals zu schonen, habe ich mir eine Kopie erstellt, welche ersetzbar ist, falls notwendig.
J'avais la grande chance d'enchérir un vieux portfolio de Roubo
Pour éviter d'abîmer le vieux papier de l'original , je me suis fait une copie qui sera remplaçable si nécessaire.
I had the great chance to get an original Roubo portfolio.
To protect the sensitive paper, I made a copy that I can replace if needed.


Anonymous said...

Hi marc

Your blog looks cool, I'm already looking forward to your future plans. I am very interested in your copy's of the Roubo book. Do you see any chance that you could produce some more copies, which you would eventually sell? If yes please let me know.Marcb

Marc said...

Hi Marcb

Thanx for your interest about my blog.

I have some spare copies. I will send you one, please send me your adress on